"You have Real estate goals, and so do we... If we collaborate it could be a match made in heaven..." -Matt Busch






The power of positivity in Real estate goes a long way. Adding our work ethic combined with our fresh approach to your listing will ensure you the results you expect!

What do we do.

  • Net you the most money. See the worksheet to figure out your net figure 
  • Ask the right questions to provide the right solutions.
  • Thorough analysis. We price it right to get you top dollar. No details missed
  • An in depth schedule C. It protects the deal and takes care of many loose ends in the standard forms. See the article we wrote about careful considerations. 
  • Proven process with a customized approach with eplans to help guide you
  • Respected in the industry, many realtor friends, never compromising the integrity of the deal
  • Provide a systematic yet customer-centric approach. We focus on serving you the way you want to be served! It's ABOUT YOU AND YOUR GOALS
  • Set expectations in the local market place.
  • An informative package sent to every approved showing
  • Never miss a detail/ set REAL expectations. Also careful with the details, confidential matters
  • See why to stage, and how we stage. Staging nets you more! 
  • Here for you, every step of the way! - see a timetable we’ve prepared for one of our past clients
  • Keeping you informed - We report weekly on Friday’s, see a typical report here
  • Bringing my buyers through ASAP
  • Interview and investigate your buyer


Why Engage us as a Buyer’s Agent

Some people think they are getting a deal by approaching the seller's agent. This is VERY RARELY the case. The listing agent has an obligation to work in the best interests of their selling client.

  1. Clever conditions and strategies 
  2. How to strategically win a multiple offer 
  3. Tell the seller about you, the buyer


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