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Buyers offer letter/email template

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Its good practice for your agent to paint a good picture of who you are as a buyer... and nobody does that better than us. See the letter below that we put together on your behalf so that your offer is seriously considered, even if you are not the highest amount offered. 


It was a pleasure speaking with you and seeing your Seller's lovely home. Thank you for your assistance thus far, and keeping everything so organized with giving us a clear understanding of the home, and being concise with your offer instructions. It’s nice to deal with a professional.


We've done thorough analysis on the price and are confident this is a great offer to your seller given the recent sales in the area over the past, while also looking at all current inventory


My clients really like this property and are excited to call it home. They thoroughly understand the market. As you will see below, they are in a very good position to do so and we truly believe that they are the best-qualified buyer. We feel that we are bringing a great offer.


My clients have been preapproved by my personal mortgage broker. They are both young professionals, see their linkedin profiles here:



They promise to take great care of your sellers home and fill it with lots of love and laughter. Please see a note they have attached for your sellers review. PLUS Something personal (i know about you)


My Clients qualifications as buyers for your home are impeccable: 

- Already own a home - which is sold firm/ they are keeping . They have a substantial amount saved and will not be using all of the funds from their sale to make the purchase of your sellers home.

- With this purchase, the buyers are putting 20% + as a down payment. Your sellers will not have to worry on the closing day that the offered price will be higher than the appraisal value. As we only require the appraisal to match the offered price or the buyer to be satisfied with the appraisal amount. We’ve also already run a purview report which is satisfactory to my buyer thus far. The reason why this is so important is that all banks will take the lower value of either the appraisal or the APS and loan based on this. If you have other purchasers whom we are competing with and they offering a higher value, as attractive as this is it could be troubling upon closing if the appraisal comes in lower, forcing the buyer to shore up the difference with their own money. If they cannot come up with the shortfall the deal is at risk. Not to mention that occasionally a building may be on a CMHC risk list, if you are looking at other offers that are high-ratio the deal could be at risk if the building is on this list. If you want any more clarity on what it means to have a solid deal at the right price please read more here


- Purview report from bank indicates the value and we are comfortable with how the property will appraise, in combination with our downpayment this is no concern of ours, but I would like to point out how with the strict lending policies of the bank it may be a concern for other purchasers who are borrowing 90-95% of their offering price. 


The Offer - See below for the links and the attached

To save or print the separately signed documents click the links below:



- Healthy deposit. 

- Conditions are shortened as we would like to do our due diligence. (ive explained to the buyers that we do home inspections so they can understand the functionality of the home, we are not there to nitpick, only the large ticket items should be of concern) We really wanted to have the home inspection out of the way so that our offer would stand out as being condition free. With this being said I set real expectations from a home inspection, were looking for majors. i.e. Structural/ mold ect. You can be sure that with this condition we aren't going to be bothering any sellers/ their agent with insignificant items... Heres how we prep our buyer for the home inspection

- cheque can be in your hands tomorrow first thing

- Closing date: They are relatively flexible and can accommodate up to a week earlier, or later if preferred. 


I would also like you to know that I am a full-time real estate Broker with a full-time transaction coordinator and partners that work very closely with me. We have a proven track record of success, and can virtually guarantee that nothing will fall through the cracks on our side of the table to jeopardize this deal or the closing date. 


We truly feel that we represent the best opportunity for your seller (i.e. a combination of terms, flexibility, protection, and certainty)


Thanks for your consideration. If you have any questions we are of course available by phone, and if you would prefer we could be there tonight in order to go over any questions/ comments/ or concerns with our offer in person.


Since we were not aware of your procedures for your, and your sellers  multiple offer night. I.e. best shot/ one opportunity, or a few rounds, we have placed an offer that we feel is fair. It might not be exactly what you are looking for yet, but I intend to help you get there


If your seller likes our offer then accept, or if its intriguing but not quite their in terms of competitiveness then please counter us, you can do it in such a way that allows you to still deal with any offer by signing it back now and make the irrevocable 30 minutes from when you're sending it back to us. You do not have to let any of the other offers know that you’ve done this. If we were to reject the counter (which I will work hard to get accepted) then you still have the option to go with one of the alternative offer(s).


Here are some questions we had:

Ages of:

1. Anything in the status certificate we should be aware of? Any planned increases to the monthly fee that your seller has been notified of?

For client:
- Survey?
- Floorplan?
- Virtual tour
- HoodQ

Also give this a read when contemplating your offer/ strategy:












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