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Email to buyers before offer

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See the folder for examples of Love letters to let homeowners / agents know more about you. In this case I reccomend dont talk about being in love with the house but more the neighbourhood and needing more space. 
You guys understand the terms of the offer right ? ie you place the offer, once it’s accepted then your conditional period starts, (for this offer there wont be conditions but ive put this together so you have a full understanding) The deposit is due within 24hrs of acceptance (certified bank draft/ direct deposit) Generally we build in about 5 days to take care of the conditions. FINANCIAL APPROVAL AND HOME INSPECTION are the most typical conditions used. Once you satisfy yourself with the conditions you remove them by way of a waiver of the conditions essentially firming up the deal, if things don’t go according to plan during conditional period then you terminate the deal by doing a mutual release, and the deposit is refunded to you in full. OUR OFFER WILL BE FIRM MEANING THERE ARE NO OUTS. 

If funds are coming from different places to do the deposit then I’d say to start putting them in the same place now so that they’re readily accessible for when the deposit is due. Do you bank with a regular bank? Simplii and ING ect don’t have bricks and mortar locations so if you bank with them maybe transfer the funds somewhere so that the money can be accessed within 24 hours of acceptance of your offer via a bank draft.

FYI the deposit is different from the down payment. Well sort of one and the same. The deposit is what you place on the property to lock in the deal with the listing brokerage. The deposit is a credit toward the entire downpayment. The lawyers you use to close the deal will be aware of this and will apply the credit toward the purchase/ down payment amount.

Let me know that this all makes sense.

If you want to read more on the process check out:
And lastly an article weve written on how to have a competitive offer in this sellers market
Here's some answers to questions I had asked:
  • Are there any issues we should be aware of?none
  • Has there ever been any flooding? Any Grading issues? Is there a backflow valve in the basement? None
  • Any insurance claims on the home? None
  • Any home improvements completed recently? Is their permits for any of the completed work? none
  • Is there a price your sellers are willing to accept to have this done today? no
  • Are there any floorplans? Attached with survey + see virtual tour/ walkthrough link
  • Do you have a detailed list of inclusions/ exclusions/ negotiables? none
  • Closing date : flexible but prefer april 12

Ages of:

  • Furnace - all original
  • Roof - all original
  • AC - all original
  • Windows - all original
I always reccomend preparring 3 offers, and we will submit the one we feel is most appropriate according to the situation and level of competition. A low, med, and high offer
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