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Mortgage vs. Life Insurance

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A personal approach to insuring your mortgage

Life Insurance vs Mortgage insurance...Which is better


Mortgage financing is probably one of the largest financial commitments you will make in your life. Safeguarding that commitment from the curves life may put in your path, means having the right kind of risk protection. All too often people assume this critical protection has to come from their lending institution. Before you say yes to lender provided mortgage insurance, consider the options. Protecting your mortgage with a personal insurance plan can offer you and your loved ones better guarantees, greater choice and more flexibility – and in most cases at a lower cost.

Insuring your mortgage to suit you



I N S U R A N C E  P L A N


I N S U R A N C E  P L A N





Lender is the owner and beneficiary of the policy.

You own the policy and designate the beneficiary



Pays benefit to lender.

Pays benefit to your designated beneficiary



Coverage expires when mortgage is paid off.

Coverage continues after mortgage is paid.



Pays out only the amount owing on the mortgage at time of

Pays the total value of insurance plan you purchased.



claim. Total value of coverage decreases with mortgage balance.

Total value of coverage remains stable for the life of the plan.



Premiums can be adjusted by lender at any time.

Premiums are guaranteed for the life of the plan.



Lender can change or cancel policy at any time.

Only you can cancel or make changes to your plan.



Policy cannot be moved to new mortgage,

Plan goes with you from one home to another –



a renewal or a new lender.

one mortgage to the next.



Your premium is based on your age band

Your premium is based on your age, health



and minimal health information.

and smoking status.



No personal consultation provided with policy.

Plan designed by personal Consultant offering




expertise and personalized service.


Now that you know all about that let's have the morbid discussion about insurance. Policies = payoff. You need to think about:

Your dependants
What happens if you get sick
?What happens if you get in an accident / pass way

With the flexibility in a lot of these policies, some of them can actually be used as savings vehicles should you not need to use them.

You can protect yourself and your family with insurance policies:

Whole term par policy
Universal life
?Critical Illness

Our insurance providers are always happy to answer your questions. Just let us know and we can put you in touch. 

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