By: Matt Busch

Example report

Tags: sellers report

I hope you are doing well and getting excited for the weekend!


This week, we have some data for you outlining the online traffic to your listing.  I have attached the analytics from for this past week which outlines traffic to your listing on the website broken down by device.  You have had 50 total views! You can also see it’s been favourited ___ times, and shared___ times. 

You are able to see which dates had the highest traffic as well, Saturday was the busiest.


(if its been on 2+ weeks with no price reduction: point out… usually when we see high numbers like this and we havent seen an offer or any interest it could indicate a high price) 


Since I had last reported to you, your home has been shown ___ times. Heres what agents and their clients are saying:

- Very nice unit, great building

- One agent has taken clients in twice, great news!

- In desired area of city


Please also see: 


New active homes that you are competing with directly in your building/ area


Homes sold since I last reported to you 


Homes sold since we have been on the market


Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about this information or if there is any other way I can be of assistance.


Were seeing some listing trends As mentioned previously; incentives are going a long way, to both the buyers (cash) and to the buyers broker (3% vs 2.5%) 


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