By: Matt Busch

FAQ's about offers

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Sometimes as your agent I may overlook going over these details because I know you trust that you are in good hands, or that you may have experience.  We want your experience to be the best with no stone unturned so this guide will help you when it comes to receiving an offer on your home. 

1. You can do 3 things with any offer: 
a) Disregard it - You dont have to accept it, or sign it back if you dont want to (after all it is your home, so it is your decision!)
b) Accept it - If you are satisfied with the offer, then accept it
c) Sign it back - If it needs some improving/ changing then dont be shy, again, it is your home; ask for what you want when it comes to price, dates lining up (closing), Conditions

2. Once you accept an offer you cant accept another offer. If an offer is conditional and it gets accepted you can not accept another offer. You can receive other offers, so I urge you to still show the property if you end up selling it conditionally. I also do everything in our power and utilize every strategy, so that you are not having to accept a conditional offer

3. Most offers will have 2 revisit requests in them. These revisits are a 1 hour period used for the buyer to come visit their new home. Some people use these visits to show family their new home, or they may use it to bring contractors in. Most agents are good about requesting the time, they would typically ask about 1 week in advance of when they wish to come. Typically one of the visits is saved for the week of closing. We know that its a busy time for you with your move, however, try your best to accomodate. The agent/ their buyers understand that the home is not going to show like the day that they bought the home! 

4. For your closing day you need to plan on being gone by noon. 




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