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How Staging can affect the sale of your home

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Selling your home is about showing its potential without too much of anything distracting the eye—and the solution is staging. Before you show your home to prospective buyers, you have to take steps to depersonalize it, without draining it of all personality — it’s a balancing act. 

Creating an overall inviting mood will create a subconscious impact and stay with the buyer far longer than they realize. Properly staged homes spend substantially less time on the market, routinely sell for more money, and frequently end up on must-see lists. Take into consideration these tips for making your home the most attractive on the market.

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Design with your buyer in mind

What kind of neighbourhood do you live in, and what demographic is being drawn there? If you’re likely to sell your home to a young family, focusing on safety and maximizing storage could be the right call.

Strike a balance

Don’t trim back your home so far that it becomes devoid of personality. Keep an eye on your décor, blending comfort and sophistication allows your viewers to feel like they’re walking into their own home.

Stage for your space

Many homes feature special architectural or design elements that add to the property’s elegance and value. Be sure to find ways to stage your furniture and art to accentuate and complement these details.

Dial in soft furnishings

Pay extra attention to the materials that soften your home’s architecture to strike a tone of sumptuous living. Adding in textures like pillows and blankets can elevate your space.

Using art to set the mood

Adding artwork can cue subconscious feelings and connections in buyers and create emotional attachment to your space.

Make it shine

Last but not least, put in the time and effort for deep cleaning and organizing. Nothing says “move-in ready” more clearly than absolute spotlessness.

Home staging is a mystical blend of marketing and design that will show your home as it is and as it could be. It gives a vision of what is possible in the home that the buyer might not have been able to visualize before.  There are many details and factors to think about when staging your home that can make a difference, from the curb appeal and landscaping outdoors, to the décor and maintenance inside.

Property Showcase

Take staging inspiration from these astonishing living rooms and eye-popping kitchens, and make your home a buyer’s paradise.

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