Timing your sale

By: Matt Busch

Timing your sale

Tags: seasonality

There are traditionally 2 trending times to sell a home. 

The spring is a popular time as the buying families with Children will be considering the new upcoming school year as a part of the equation. They want to buy in the spring in order to move in and get accustomed with the home/ neighbourhood over the summer in order to be ready for school in September. 

It's also popular for the reason that the sellers with families can time/ coordinate the sale/ closing date just in time for the end of the school year (late June)

The fall is a popular time for the reason that 

With the low inventories we have been seeing, you cant count on anything. Our best recommendation if you own a home already is to purchase your next home before selling your existing home. The truth is that it might take you up to 6 months to find/ purchase your next home.  Don't worry about timing the market, there is no perfect right or wrong answer to this part of the equation, just make sure you are buying into and selling into the same market. 

You might want to work through this worksheet to understand timing the sale / purchase of your home

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