By: Matt Busch

What to expect on offer night

Tags: bids

Its just around the corner. The big night. 

Here is a rundown of what to expect: 

A) We will bring a print out and summarize all of the offer in this spreadsheet 
B) We will bring you a copy of the Sellers net sheet  
C) On the morning of offer day we will send an email similar to this to ALL of the showing agents to give them a lay of the land and what to expect on offer night. 

We will update you as new offers get registered but not the details of these offers. We have asked all offers to be registered and submitted by 4pm. We will coordinate with you on the day of if you would like to do this remotely or in person, likely around 7pm. 

When we have decided which offer we prefer to work with we will go through that offer in fine detail. Here you can find a layman's terms version of an offer similar to the one we will be reviewing. 

We never count on needing the contingency plan, but if we feel it might be necessary we will bring it up a little closer too. 

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