By: Matt Busch

How Staging can affect the sale of your home

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  Selling your home is about showing its potential without too much of anything distracting the eye—and the solution is staging. Before you show your home to prospective buyers, you have to take steps to depersonalize it, without draining it of all personality — it’s a balancing act.  Creating an overall inviting mood will create a subco...Read More

By: Matt Busch

FAQ's Buying a home

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All regular residential real estate offers are comprised of 4 main components:  1. Offer amount - Make sure you are competitive with the offering price. The items below wont matter much if the price isnt right, or within the ball park of other competing offers.  2. Deposit - A deposit herewith is preferred when competing in a bid, this means on the day of the offer you already have...Read More

By: Matt Busch

FAQ's about offers

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  Sometimes as your agent I may overlook going over these details because I know you trust that you are in good hands, or that you may have experience.  We want your experience to be the best with no stone unturned so this guide will help you when it comes to receiving an offer on your home.  1. You can do 3 things with any offer:  a) Disregard it - You dont have to accept it...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Questions for your lender

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As a part of getting preapproved make sure to ask:  1. Preapproval amount for purchase? 2. Can we put firm offers without a finance condition on a properties? 3. Would we be eligible for bridge financing if we cant get the date to line up for our purchase/ sale?  4. How long is our preapproval good for?  5. Do you have a HELOC product as an option as part of this ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

What to expect on offer night

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Its just around the corner. The big night.  Here is a rundown of what to expect:  A) We will bring a print out and summarize all of the offer in this spreadsheet  B) We will bring you a copy of the Sellers net sheet   C) On the morning of offer day we will send an email similar to this to ALL of the showing agents to give them a lay of the land and what to expect on offe...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Doing your own home inspection

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If having no home inspection is the only option you may want to visit the home on a showing and go through it in detail. See our home inspection checklist  ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

All of the costs to consider when buying a home

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Costs When Buying a Home Often called 'closing costs', here is a list of common expenses often overlooked by first-time home-buyers. 1. Home Inspection Fee Cost: $300 - $1,000 Generally one of the conditions of the sale, having a home inspection done can help save you from unexpected 'surprises'. 2. Deposit Cost: 5% or more of the purchase...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Wow! Making your home unforgettable in the winter months

Tags: Winter listings

In the past few months, real estate sales have rebounded to record-high levels in many of Canada’s real estate markets, in spite of the winter season. But selling your home at this time of year requires a different approach to ensure that your home is showcased at its best potential. Here are some tips to ensure you’re set up to wow&...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Email to buyers before offer

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Hi, See the folder for examples of Love letters to let homeowners / agents know more about you. In this case I reccomend dont talk about being in love with the house but more the neighbourhood and needing more space.    You guys understand the terms of the offer right ? ie you place the o...Read More

By: Matt Busch

How you utilize a home inspection

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I have heard of too many deals falling through because of home inspections. When I dig deeper into the story, I usually find that it was not because of the home inspection itself but because of how the results of the inspection were handled by the buyer agent.  It comes down to setting the expectations for the home inspection.  There are examples where: The buyer agent, at the requ...Read More

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