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FAQ's Buying a home

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All regular residential real estate offers are comprised of 4 main components:  1. Offer amount - Make sure you are competitive with the offering price. The items below wont matter much if the price isnt right, or within the ball park of other competing offers.  2. Deposit - A deposit herewith is preferred when competing in a bid, this means on the day of the offer you already have...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Questions for your lender

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As a part of getting preapproved make sure to ask:  1. Preapproval amount for purchase? 2. Can we put firm offers without a finance condition on a properties? 3. Would we be eligible for bridge financing if we cant get the date to line up for our purchase/ sale?  4. How long is our preapproval good for?  5. Do you have a HELOC product as an option as part of this ...Read More

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Doing your own home inspection

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If having no home inspection is the only option you may want to visit the home on a showing and go through it in detail. See our home inspection checklist  ...Read More

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Email to buyers before offer

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Hi, See the folder for examples of Love letters to let homeowners / agents know more about you. In this case I reccomend dont talk about being in love with the house but more the neighbourhood and needing more space.    You guys understand the terms of the offer right ? ie you place the o...Read More

By: Matt Busch

How you utilize a home inspection

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I have heard of too many deals falling through because of home inspections. When I dig deeper into the story, I usually find that it was not because of the home inspection itself but because of how the results of the inspection were handled by the buyer agent.  It comes down to setting the expectations for the home inspection.  There are examples where: The buyer agent, at the requ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Got the deal now what

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  YOU’VE GOT A DEAL NOW WHAT  I wanted to give you a bit of background and information that you will require for your upcoming purchase/sale.  If you are obtaining mortgage financing, it is essential that you notify your Bank and provide them with all of my details, as well as your lawyers so that mortgage instructions can be received forthwith.  As we work towards the ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Buying a home in a seller's market

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If you find yourself embroiled in a bidding war when purchasing a home, here are a few strategies that may help you triumph over your competitors Depending on your location, your experience as a home buyer, and the state of the market, thehome-buying process might feel a bit intimidating. If you’re in the market to buy a new home this Spring, it’s important to equip yourself with the...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Clever conditions and strategies 

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First thing is first. If the listing does not state that there are "no pre-emptive offers" then you can start to think about placing a pre-emptive/ bully offer. This allows you to avoid the idea of being in competition, however, you will need to make it worth the sellers while to seriously consider your offer.    This article has spawned from our most recent blog post - How to ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Buyers offer letter/email template

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  Its good practice for your agent to paint a good picture of who you are as a buyer... and nobody does that better than us. See the letter below that we put together on your behalf so that your offer is seriously considered, even if you are not the highest amount offered.    Hi, It was a pleasure speaking with you and seeing your Seller's lovely home. Thank you for your assi...Read More

By: Matt Busch

How to Strategically win in a multiple Offer

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This is written from the perspective of the buyer but also should be considered from a seller's POV.  When you are placing an offer in competition (multiple offers) it can be quite intimidating, and overwhelming, with thousands of dollars on the line, and your dream home within your grasp. The key to getting the deal is a sound strategy, and most of the time the right amount offered...Read More

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