By: Matt Busch

Knowing what to expect

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Setting your expectations is part of what we do. We know that when you are selling your home it can be stressful. Helping you understand what to expect will help relieve some of the stresses.    Timing:  It doesn’t happen overnight so don’t worry about packing, we have a calendar of events, scheduling coordinator to help you.    We will call to prequalify th...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Showings Checklist

Tags: Preparing for showings, showings checklist, for sale, real estate

Create a mood ideal for showcasing your home such as playing relaxing background music, lighting a fire, adding plants and flowers, maximizing lighting and fine-tuning the temperature. ? Showing Checklist  ABOVE ALL ELSE ---- ALLOW ALL SHOWINGS, even if it seems irrational or is inconvenient, with short notice. Remember it only takes ONE buyer to buy your home ?Leave the house - go for ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Pre-staging / Listing Checklist

Tags: for sale, sell my home, checklist for sale, selling checklist, staging, staging checklist

Prep Checklist  Get Estimates on anything broken De-Personalize Declutter  Free up closet space by taking unseasonal clothing to storage Remove unnessary furniture - put in storage (rent at uhaul ect)  Find Your Papers - utility bills / warranties/ ages of Buyer feedback survey at door  Provide thoughtful cards  Improve Traffic flow  Use storage Baskets&nb...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Preparing your home for sale

Tags: preparing home for sale, getting house ready to sell, prepare for sale

When selling, it’s important to look at your home from a different perspective. The home Enhancement Checklist provides you with insight and direction on how to get the most money and quickest sale for your home by making minor changes and repairs.   10 TIPS TO PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR SALE  Preparing your home for sale should be done ?n a way which is structured and planned to maxi...Read More

By: Matt Busch

First-time home buyers programs

Tags: First time buyers, real estate, buyers

Here is some useful info in regard to making your first home purchase, as you will be eligible for a few different government programs.   1. RRSP contribution/ withdrawals for first time Canadian home purchasers - Withdraw up to $25,000 from your RRSP without penalty. If you have not yet contributed and plan on using this HUGE tax benefit, you will have to keep the money in the account for ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Your Home insurer's Q & A

Tags: Home insurance questions, home insurance checklist

Be prepared… Your home insurer’s Q and A What is the total square footage of your home (excluding basement)? 1100sft What year was your home built? 1900 What is the exterior construction of your home? Vinyl siding What type of roof does your home have?- ashpalt shingles What year was your roof last fully updated? 3 different ages of the roof, one section within 2years, another ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Moving Checklist

Tags: Moving checklist, moving to-do, to do's

Make arrangements with Moving company Send Change of Address cards to     Post Office ?    Charge Accounts ?    Subscriptions     Friends ?    Relatives ?    Financial Institutions ?    Business Affiliates/Stockbrokers ?    Automobile Licence Bureau   Disconnect Ut...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Getting ready to buy a home!

Tags: Buying real estate, first time buyer, for sale, purchase, home, purchase home, Ontario

    As you prepare for your next home you may be asking an important question… Should you buy or sell first? See the advantages and disadvantages of each.     ? When it comes to buying and selling homes, no one-size-fits-all approach will do. We take a very unique approach to assisting you with one of life's biggest investments! The real estate ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Questions your realtor should be asking before placing an offer

Tags: For sale, buying a home, real estate

Here is a list of some questions you may want to ask before placing your offer. Are there any issues we should be aware of? a)Has there ever been any flooding? Any Grading issues? Is there a backflow valve in the basement?  Is the home built pre 1980? Is there clay pipe running from the home to the main sewer at street? Any insurance claims on the home? Is there a survey? Are the...Read More

By: Matt Busch

What if the bank does not appraise the home for what you paid?


Can you still close on a home if your bank won’t give you a mortgage for the asking price of your dream home? Some buyers are being pressured to limit (or even eliminate) conditions in their offer to purchase these days. If you need an inspection, get it done fast before you make your offer. If you are going to need a mortgage, make sure you are pre-qualified well in advance. If your realt...Read More

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