By: Matt Busch

Renovation Advice

Tags: Renovation, what rooms should I renovate to sell my home?

  Whether you’re considering minor updates to perk up a room, or a full-scale renovation of your entire home, it’s important to be aware of how renovations might affect your property value, especially if you’re thinking of selling in the near future. Since most renovations resolve an issue or improve quality of life, many people automatically assume that they also increase...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Questions for your buyer

Tags: sellers questionnaire, buyers questionnaire

An agent with experience is worth their weight in gold. Especially when there is this much on the line! Here are some questions, and examples to help prepare you for selling your home.  We were representing a seller/ listing once and had accepted a deal that was conditional on finance from the buyer. After our diligence in understanding why they were not going to be able to obtain the financ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Setting up your listing for a successful multiple offer night

Tags: Sell home, multiple offers, mutiple offers procedures

There are many more detailed steps we take while preparing your listing. Heres a list of everything we do. But for the purposes of this article we will simplify the explanation  1. Sign the listing plan for your move. We will go over some important questions and a checklist of items to prepare which you can find here  We will also discuss our recommended pricing strategy.  2. ...Read More

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Broker Bay Features

Tags: Broker bay features, finding and selling homes before MLS

Easy to use  Access your showings schedule at any time on the client dashboard. No logins required.   Change a showing on the fly  Syndicate showings to your personal Calendar  Fully automated. Every showing agent knows when you have an offer.  Verified email by co-operating agent allows for unlimited mass communication  A customizable agent to agent mess...Read More

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Multiple offer night procedural email example

Tags: procedures, sale, for sale, real estate, toronto, GTA

  This is an example of the email I send out to co-operating agents on your offer night. It sets the bar on expectations and removes all of the headaches and games that people will try, it sets the serious buyers apart from the not-so-serious Good morning, Thank you for taking the time to show your client(s) 2614 Dashwood #32 (listing link).  This email will only be of interest to yo...Read More

Calculating your net proceeds

By: Matt Busch

Calculating your net proceeds

Tags: Calculating net proceeds after sale

 The cheque is in! How much do you get to keep? There are a number of closing costs to consider. Legal Fees. Lawyer’s fees vary, but often have structured fees for the purchase and sale of homes posted on their websites. Sellers pay in the area of $1200.00 for a lawyer to look after the legal details necessary to close their home.    Mortgage Fees. Check with your mor...Read More

By: Matt Busch

How Broker Bay Helps Us Sell your home off market

Tags: Exclusive listings, sold, selling, off market homes for sale

When we list your home on broker bay before it goes to MLS it becomes available to 25,000 agents. Its not available to the public. It is a system that when utilized brings many deals together before even going to MLS. The coming soon/ exclusive listing feature can be very beneficial to sellers.  - Great tool to provide feedback on price  - Never any history of your price, ect. See ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Our Seller's Procedure Checklist

Tags: Sellers procedures, sellers checklist

Were firm believers in hard work and getting it done right. See the checklist we take your listing through: Exclusive listing + open house Google the address - clean search? Condo? Management questions post video to linked in / / Ensure listing correctness both boards Please prepare for us Thanks for your listing email I...Read More

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