By: Matt Busch

How Staging can affect the sale of your home

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  Selling your home is about showing its potential without too much of anything distracting the eye—and the solution is staging. Before you show your home to prospective buyers, you have to take steps to depersonalize it, without draining it of all personality — it’s a balancing act.  Creating an overall inviting mood will create a subco...Read More

By: Matt Busch

FAQ's about offers

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  Sometimes as your agent I may overlook going over these details because I know you trust that you are in good hands, or that you may have experience.  We want your experience to be the best with no stone unturned so this guide will help you when it comes to receiving an offer on your home.  1. You can do 3 things with any offer:  a) Disregard it - You dont have to accept it...Read More

By: Matt Busch

What to expect on offer night

Tags: bids

Its just around the corner. The big night.  Here is a rundown of what to expect:  A) We will bring a print out and summarize all of the offer in this spreadsheet  B) We will bring you a copy of the Sellers net sheet   C) On the morning of offer day we will send an email similar to this to ALL of the showing agents to give them a lay of the land and what to expect on offe...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Wow! Making your home unforgettable in the winter months

Tags: Winter listings

In the past few months, real estate sales have rebounded to record-high levels in many of Canada’s real estate markets, in spite of the winter season. But selling your home at this time of year requires a different approach to ensure that your home is showcased at its best potential. Here are some tips to ensure you’re set up to wow&...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Selling in the Winter or Spring? Take your photos now

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  There is no question that your home looks its best on the inside and the outside in the summer. While it may be warm and cozy looking/ feeling in the winter a lack of natural sunlight can make the rooms feel dim.  Outside is self-explanatory with the everything in full bloom, and open pools, the exterior looks most inviting at this time.  We always recommend to our clients who...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Making your life stress free

Tags: Broker bay, simplified showings

When they say all agents are not created equal theyre right... And this is just another example of how we set ourselves apart.  We've teamed up with Broker bay to streamline the showing request procedure (the old way; our office would call you, you would tell our reception that the showing is approved/ denied, our office would then call the showing agent with the instructions for the loc...Read More

Renovation Advice

By: Matt Busch

Renovation Advice

Tags: Renovation, what rooms should I renovate to sell my home?

 Whether you’re considering minor updates to perk up a room, or a full-scale renovation of your entire home, it’s important to be aware of how renovations might affect your property value, especially if you’re thinking of selling in the near future. Since most renovations resolve an issue or improve quality of life, many people automatically assume that they also increase a...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Questions for your buyer

Tags: sellers questionnaire, buyers questionnaire

An agent with experience is worth their weight in gold. Especially when there is this much on the line! Here are some questions, and examples to help prepare you for selling your home.  We were representing a seller/ listing once and had accepted a deal that was conditional on finance from the buyer. After our diligence in understanding why they were not going to be able to obtain the financ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Setting up for a successful multiple offer night

Tags: Sell home, multiple offers, mutiple offers procedures

There are many more detailed steps we take while preparing your listing. There is a long list of everything we do on the back end. But for the purposes of this article we will simplify the explanation  1. Sign the listing plan for your move. We will go over some important questions and a checklist of items to prepare which you can find here  We will also discuss our recommended pricing ...Read More

By: Matt Busch

Broker Bay Features

Tags: Broker bay features, finding and selling homes before MLS

Easy to use  Access your showings schedule at any time on the client dashboard. No logins required.   Change a showing on the fly  Syndicate showings to your personal Calendar  Fully automated. Every showing agent knows when you have an offer.  Verified email by co-operating agent allows for unlimited mass communication  A customizable agent to agent mess...Read More

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