Please see the below for a helpful little guide we've assembled... Also documentation all landlords will generally require to ensure the most viable candidate, while on that topic it should be noted that alot of rentals in the GTA are getting many offers so it is crucial that :
a) all of these are prepared 
b) if you like the place and you are up against 3-4 other offers, you consider putting $50-100 more aside for your rental budget/offer . 
Please assemble these in order to optimize your offer
Its the legal obligation of the landlord to serve you with the “Landlord responsibility brochure” In most cases other agents don't know about this requirement so i’ll do it on their behalf now, so that if the offer gets accepted you have it
As described in the buyer representation agreement and Confirmation of co-operation, you do not pay me, the landlord pays me. For tenancies its 50% of 1 month rent + HST, when negotiating 1 year contracts. Ready to start working together? Take our tenancy questionnaire
1. Completed Rental Application; LINK 
Which Includes: Full Name of ALL PARTIES to the Lease(guarantors), Driver's License Number, Previous Residences(2), Present and Prior Employment, Financial Obligation Disclosure, Personal References(2), and Year and Make + License Plate No.’s of any vehicles that will be parked at the premises you are trying to lease
2.  Proof Of Income
Each party/guarantor to the lease should provide at a minimum 1 Years Tax Return T4
3.  Current Pay Stub + Letter of Employment
A recent pay stub shows that you are currently working. This can sometimes be sufficient enough to not require a Letter of Employment. Although the employment letter is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as it typically proves you to be in good standing with your employer.
***if you are unemployed we will need to create a good story for why the landlord would accept your application, i.e. a snapshot of your bank account, showing a large sum in the account. 
4. Allocated Funds for FIRST & LAST Payments
Generally, First and Last rental amounts are due within 24 Hours of acceptance of an offer or the offer is void. Sometimes Landlords will ask for a Key/FOB Deposit. This is typical of Condominiums and is refundable upon Key/FOB return at the end of the lease. These deposits typically are $200-300
5.  Full Credit Report  + Score
The landlord wants to ensure you are in good standing with your previous creditors with diligent  effort. Credit reports show any delinquency in payments, credit limits/allowances,  and dates of credit relationships.  is an instantaneous source to get the report and costs about $19.00+Tax.(Navigable by Once you get the report cancel the membership.
6. A letter to the owner why you will be a great fit, i.e. non-smoker, no pets, responsibilities
7. Character reference letter. 
8. Copy of Driver’s License(s)
So... put yourself in the Landlord’s Position, He has 2 Offers to Lease, Yours and Someone else's, Everything is pretty close in terms of the applications. This time (or prior too) would be a good to differentiate from the other application!
Strategies to Differentiate! (Optional)
If you have it, It is recommended that you show some “Capital Strength” which proves ability to pay. IE:  Bank and Account Statements  (“Black out” account numbers), and possibly a deed with information on a property you may own and/or may be selling, etc.  
Length of Term
If your intention is to stay in the new lease for more than a year than it may greatly help your efforts to put those intentions on paper. Ie. 2 Years vs. 1 Year, 1.5 Years vs. 1 Year.
Lastly, please see a letter you may want to assemble something similar for your current landlord. Also follow this link and add as an attachment to the letter (i'ts just a little more official)
Submit this form + templated email to terminate your current lease
Your name
City, postal
Re: Vacating (property address)
Dear (landlord),
Thank you so much for leasing your property to me.  I am writing this letter to inform you that I will be vacating my current address of (property address) and moving into a new place that better suits my lifestyle and location needs.
 I will have all of my things out of (property address) by (date they will be removed).  I have enjoyed my time here am looking forward to a new chapter of my life.
My last months rent is prepaid (name the month). I trust you will try to have the property released and will do my best to have the place presentable to any potential new tenants that wish to view it. I will do my best to accommodate arrangements when new potential tenants request to view it!
As  per the landlord and tenant board requirement please see the attached N11 form filled out.
Could you please send me acknowledgement of receipt to this email please.
Best regards,
Sign and date
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