Please see the below for a helpful little guide we've assembled... Also documentation all landlords will generally require to ensure the most viable candidate, while on that topic it should be noted that a lot of rentals in the GTA are getting many offers so it is important all of these are prepared 


For Landlords: 

We will completely qualify your tenant for you. We validate their employment/ income/ debts. When we find you a good viable candidate we want to ensure that their income-to-rent ratio is in line with the market. Typically 30% or below should go to housing costs of a rental after all the tenant's debts/ obligations. 


You can figure out what the minimum income requirement is for your property by taking the approximate rent (ex 3000) and dividing it by the 30% benchmark expressed as .3 to get the minimum requirement. 3000/.3 =$100,000


Typically Landlords pay realtors fees, the landlord pays 1 month's rent + HST when negotiating 1-year contracts. 50% to the listing agent and 50% to the buying agent. 

If you are buying to become a landlord or already own the property, there is a rent control provision exception that allows you to increase the rate by more than the prescribed amount as set forth by the Landlord and tenant board. Meaning you can increase the amount annually to an amount that you prefer

  • New buildings, additions to existing buildings and most new basement apartments that are occupied for the first time for residential purposes after November 15, 2018 are exempt from rent control

Read more on rental increases here:

For Landlords and Tenants 

It’s important to know your rights. There are circumstances where specific forms MUST be used for certain situations. There are also differing guidelines for residential units that were occupied for the first time after November 15, 2018. So make sure to consult a professional, and ask how you may be affected by these differing guidelines.


Tenants you can figure out what your affordability factor is as far as what you should be looking at price-wise by doing a similar calculation. Total net annual household income after all debts (car payments ect) multiplied by the 30% benchmark. example $130,000 x 0.3 = $39,000. You should aim to look at places that would have a gross rent/ carrying cost of not more than $39,000 per year. 


As described in the buyer representation agreement and Confirmation of cooperation, Typically tenants do not pay a realtor's fee, the landlord and their agent pay. For tenancies, it's 50% of 1 month's rent + HST, when negotiating 1-year contracts. 


Initial Paperwork Matters 

The fastest way to get approved by a landlord to live in their property is to ensure you have a good enough income to cover the rent comfortably.

Additionally, your credit score also matters. A good credit score is anything above the 720 range, but anything over 700 is still considered good

References are pretty important as well. If you have good references from previous landlords, add them to your initial application. 

Please assemble these in order to optimize your offer.  PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME IN A .ZIP FILE: You will need the following for each applicant/ guarantor:


1. Equifax OR Transunion (Full credit report)

(it is easiest to hit control+print and save each section, then compile into one document)(Navigable by Once you get the report cancel the membership.

2. Letter of employment

3. 2 x Pay stubs/ Invoices

4. Government ID

5. Rental Application - please send back the completed form separately for each applicant (complete reference list, etc). Fill it out as much as you can even if other parts are non-applicable Click here

** Guarantors: Please note that there is no official cosigner/ guarantor form you would have to fill out the rental application form regardless. In the part where it asks


6. Landlord/ Personal reference letters (optional but recommended) Here is a template to use. Download a copy

7. ***if you are unemployed we will need to create a good story for why the landlord would accept your application, i.e. a snapshot of your bank account, showing a large sum in the account. 

8. A letter to the owner why you will be a great fit, i.e. non-smoker, no pets, responsibilities

Make sure to Allocate Funds for FIRST & LAST Payments. Generally, First and Last rental amounts are due within 24 Hours of acceptance of an offer or the offer is void. Sometimes Landlords will ask for a Key/FOB Deposit. This is typical of Condominiums and is refundable upon Key/FOB return at the end of the lease. These deposits typically are $200-300

All of these documents are required at the time of putting an offer in. Leases seem to be moving extremely quickly. It is best to have all of the documents in order before going to see places, so you don't fall in love with one, just to watch someone else take it.

Leaving out information could affect your application

When applying, landlords usually ask for a lot of information that can sometimes be awkward to send.

For example, if you reside in the city but are staying at an Airbnb until you can find a place, you should probably include that information. Leaving that information out can be read differently to the landlord and possibly result in a rejection.

The biggest mistake is not disclosing certain information or submitting an application that's half-filled because you don't want to share some information or you're trying to do it in a rushed manner. It's all about first impressions.

Sometimes a landlord will say no and give you no reason at all. 

The listing was up on the MLS system for weeks, and no one claimed it, which was a bit weird considering it was affordable and huge 

Our clients applied, they asked for a guarantor, and then told us, "the owner has reviewed your offer and respectfully declines."

When we asked them for a reason, they didn't give us an answer. But, as unfortunate as that was, I just couldn't do anything else about it.

P.S.: The property in question was on the rental market for weeks after as well.

So... put yourself in the Landlord’s Position, He has 2 Offers to Lease, Yours, and Someone else's, Everything is pretty close in terms of the applications. This time (or prior too) would be a good to differentiate from the other application!

 Strategies to Differentiate! (Optional)

  • Offer More Upfront
  • ?If your credit/ employment currently is not strong, sometimes it is recommended that you offer more upfront money than First and Last
  • Show Capital Strength

If you have it, It is recommended that you show some “Capital Strength” which proves ability to pay. IE:  Bank and Account Statements  (“Black out” account numbers), and possibly a deed with information on a property you may own and/or may be selling, etc.  


Length of Term If your intention is to stay in the new lease for more than a year than it may greatly help your efforts to put those intentions on paper. Ie. 2 Years vs. 1 Year, 1.5 Years vs. 1 Year.

Lastly, please see a letter you may want to assemble something similar for your current landlord. Also follow this link and add as an attachment to the letter (i'ts just a little more official)


Submit this form + templated email to terminate your current lease


Your name


City, postal


Re: Vacating (property address)


Dear (landlord),


Thank you so much for leasing your property to me.  I am writing this letter to inform you that I will be vacating my current address of (property address) and moving into a new place that better suits my lifestyle and location needs.


 I will have all of my things out of (property address) by (date they will be removed).  I have enjoyed my time here am looking forward to a new chapter of my life.


My last month's rent is prepaid (name the month). I trust you will try to have the property released and will do my best to have the place presentable to any potential new tenants that wish to view it. I will do my best to accommodate arrangements when new potential tenants request to view it!


As per the landlord and tenant board requirement please see the attached N11 form filled out.


Could you please send me acknowledgement of receipt to this email please?


Best regards,


Sign and date

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